Constipation Flatulence Causes and Remedies

Constipation Flatulence Causes and Remedies

You must understand that if you want to live a long and healthy life, then you must avoid the foods that cause constipation. The highest probable reason why most people get stomach related problems is a lack of dietary fiber, they eat far too much processed food, their fluid intake is inadequate and they dont exercise.

You must eat high fiber foods like vegetables and fruits, you must drink the required amount of water each day and you must exercise for at least thirty minutes every day, to keep regular bowel movements. No-one loses fat, gets in shape and lives a healthy life if they sit around all day, do they? They get depressed, put on weight and some develop serious health conditions just by not moving around! Incredible.

If you are suffering from hard stools and struggling to pass them, then you are also probably experiencing gas, distension and want to find out what the cause of your bloated stomach is.

It is important to understand that diet forms part of the secondary cause of constipation, not primary or congenital (from birth). This means that you treat and cure your problem by making a few simple lifestyle changes.

For information, the primary cause of constipation is one which continues over six months and is not caused by IBS or any other apparent cause.

Unfortunately for most people, it is the foods we eat on a daily basis and thoroughly enjoy, as snack food or comfort food which cause constipation and bloating. The top perpetrators are white bread, white rice, pasta and pizza (wheat and dairy based).

Here is a list of foods to avoid, if you are experiencing constipation:

Wheat products:
cookies (biscuits in the UK)

Dairy products:
ice cream

Other foods:
low in fiber, high in starchbeef
snack foods such as chips and corn snacks

An Important Note About Starch

As you can detect from the list, a great deal of these foods all posses a high starch content (the carbohydrate based foods), and are stodgy food types which people who follow a healthy nutrition plan, will typically avoid (aside from perhaps eggs).

The Digestion Process

From the time food enters your mouth, to the time that waste is expelled from your body via your anus, the digestion process is working breaking food down, absorbing nutrients, proteins and fluids.

In the mouth, saliva goes to work where the enzyme (which enhances chemical reactions with food) it contains will start to break down the starch within the food until it reaches the stomach. In the stomach, the next part of the process that goes to work is the stomach lining.

The stomach misses out on digesting starchy foods because its acidic levels are too high, so the next part of the digestive process is in the small intestines and the pancreas. So you see, aside from potatos and rice, the major contributor to the majority of peoples constipation problems is processed foods!

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