Some food mistakes which cost you money

Some food mistakes which cost you money

The increasing cost of food is the problem every individual is facing. Some people make excuses of not having enough time to eat properly while some people make excuse of cost. Every month we make a list of foods we need and go to the grocery shop to buy. And after some investment, we pick up the best possible one. But at the end of the day, our investment goes in vain as some of the foods are left out at night which are thrown at the dustbin. According to the recent study out at Cornell, they have identified some food mistakes which cost you money.

There are certain food mistakes which are completely unavoidable and by making some simple changes in your routine, you can save some money without having to sacrifice the meals which you have made at home. So, here are some food mistakes which cost you money and easy solutions which can add dollars to your monthly budget.

The first problem is the people use to buy too much amount of food.

Solution: Instead of buying foods each month, start buying food for each week. Just make a list of foods for a week and go to the grocery book. Please also remember that whenever you go to the grocery shop, buy only that foods which are in the list, nothing else.

The second problem is that people are also preparing too much of meal.

Solution: Instead of making too much amount of meal, first get a clear idea that how many people are going to eat so that you will know the serving size of the meal. And if in case there are leftovers, don’t throw it. Just pack them up and store it in the fridge immediately after you have completed eating the meal to prevent the meal from going bad.

The third problem is that people are not eating the leftovers.

Solution: Storing the leftovers in the fridge is only the first stage to save some dollars. You have to actually eat that meal. I know eating the same meal day after can get boring, so go creative with the leftovers.

The fourth problem is that there is improper food storage.

Solution: If you don’t have fridge at home, just go to the shop and buy a new one because fridge is very important to preserve your food and also prevent the leftover meal form going bad. If you have fridge at home, then make sure that your fridge is working properly. If you don’t plan eating chicken or fish for few days, then freeze it as soon as you come home after buying. Same goes for the vegetables also. Also, be sure to keep the eggs and milks in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to keep them fresher and longer.

So, there are certain common problems which every individuals is facing. So, try to solve your problem as soon as possible. If you have any queries, please let us know by commenting below.

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